Powerlady Group summons all success hungry women out there for a powerful seminar located at the heart of Småland. It's your turn now. 

This is not a hippie style kind of seminar. This is a seminar for those who are ready to make that change and go for that success, those who are prepared to get provoked, challenged and inspired to keep going, but this time with a knowledge that for too long has been hidden from women in particular. 

Leader of the seminar will be Shima Rönnlund, 14 years of leadership experience within the corporate world and running this network for women since 2013.

The seminar "Powerstart" will be held in Harebo Kursgård outside of Emmaboda, Småland - where the story of Powerlady Group once began in 2013. 

When: Saturday 13th November 2021, 9:00-16:30 

Where: Harebo Kursgård, Harebo 128, Långasjö

Price: 1890 SEK / per person (plantbased food, coffe, fika, fruits etc is included in the cost) 

Take action today and sign up or ask questions through: (latest date for sign up 9th november) 

Payment through Swish: 123 581 23 75

The seminar is held in Swedish. In proud cooperation with Silfver by Borg - Clean looking Silver Jewelry made out of pure love, clarity and abundance. 

We look forward to meet you in person!


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